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Stitch Club Acorn 2 Oak

Welcome to ‘Stitch Club Acorn 2 Oak’, where your child can learn to ‘Stitch -n- Sew’!

This creative form of art encourages independence and self esteem. It helps to develop patience and perseverance, and also enhances problem solving.  The children experience a sense of accomplishment with each completed project.  All that, and it is so much fun too!!

Hand sewing and embroidery craft activities not only serve to educate your children in the nature and processes involved with the different materials, the use of tools and equipment, etc., but there is also the inherent therapeutic aspect from which they benefit.

In addition to the educational and formative benefit that this craft can offer there is the definite element of life skills training. Apart from these benefits, the involvement in craft work offers your children the challenge to learn to work from the conceptual through to the material. In this process the children will be guided to experience and become conscious of exercising their gifts.

Learning to ‘Stitch -n- Sew’ develops the powers of discipline and concentration.  In addition, the density of nerve endings in our fingertips is so enormous that it is of great value to develop this ‘sense’. Brain research confirms the connection between small-motor activity and increased neurological development.

Recently we introduced counted cross stitch to our syllabus. It's been proven that children introduced to counted cross-stitch learn more than a new fun hobby.  Valuable skills honed through cross-stitch are learning to follow directions, reading a chart and transferring that pattern to their stitching, concentrating on accuracy, and accomplishing a task from start to finish.

We will be running various Stitch Workshops and Projects over the next few years.
The current ones on offer are Fun 2 Stitch which are held as After School Workshops at 2 Schools in Whetstone and 'One -Two- Make a Stitch', a project funded by Young Barnet. Please click on relevant pages below and register your child.  Places are limited so register as soon as possible.

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