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Stitch a heart for HOPE

It would be so nice to have a shop on the High Street where people can come and relax while they create a unique art work of their own. A place to call our own, where we can run various workshops.

In collaboration with The Lydia Call Ministries we are planning to open 'The Joy Creative Cafe' but it costs so much to rent a shop on the high street so we are turning to you our friends for help.

Our theme for the next 3 years is ‘Love, Joy, Peace...HOPE for our World’. In 2016 we designed a cross stitch dove, we call Dove of HOPE. We would like to make a few giant size versions of it by putting together squares of cross stitched hearts. Each square to represent a cross stitch on the design.  There is an image of the dove on the picture of our flyer below.

We would like to use this as an opportunity to raise funds for this project and to encourage as many people as possible to stitch.

You could sponsor a heart and stitch it or just sponsor a heart and we could get a volunteer to stitch it for you. We suggest  £1.50 or more per heart, but you can donate any amount you wish, no amount is too little or too large. There are 349 heart squares in the design.

We hope you will decide to join the Stitch Revolution and support us.  LOVE gives us HOPE.

So, would you like to volunteer to help with fundraising?  Would you like to volunteer to stitch some of the hearts for HOPE? Would you like to Sponsor a heart or more? Would you like to donate towards our current and proposed projects?  Please use the donate button below.  

For further information please send us an email at or phone or text us at 07543820897. 


If you don't want to make a stitch or sponsor a stitch but would like to support us anyway, we would be very grateful for any amount you are willing to donate towards our work.  Together we will achieve the extraordinary. Thank you



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