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This is where we share the feedback we get from parents and members of Club Acorn 2 Oak 


Thank you for creating this opportunity (Rainbow Centre Art Classes) for our children.
For me, for my family, the benefits are many and varied:

1. A local, friendly setting, with parents welcome if they choose to stay, but also knowing the children are safe and well looked after, if we leave. We have been attending for at least a year now with my 5 year old. She is extremely shy and slow to feel comfortable anywhere which is not home. It has taken her this long, but finally she was able to be left there without me, for the whole hour, for the first time in her life! It gives her (and me) immense satisfaction, and we very much hope this opportunity stays open to us and other children. We have certainly been spreading the word to friends (both school children and in home educating circles). 

2. No questions asked on joining, everyone is truly made to feel welcome, regardless of age, personal circumstances, religion, social circumstances, ability. Yemii is always smiling and enthusiastic, which is contagious! So much energy and thought, preparation goes into these art sessions, and no set amount of donation is expected, which makes it even more accessible to anyone, who is or isn't able to contribute financially. 

3. The quality of resources and support from a local artist (Carol Pintus) makes it a quality activity, with an end result the children are proud of each time. My daughter brings home what she created and shows it to every member of our family with pride! Some of the objects have a special place in our home and are treasured and used on a daily basis (e.g. pencil holders, mobiles etc.)

Daughter's comments:
Dear Yemii, I really enjoy it because we make things. I most enjoy making the bracelet. From_. xxx

Thanks again for all you do for the community!


An image of a message left on our Facebook page from a mother who's daughter attended our embroidery workshop. 



Victoria, Emmanuel and Jonathan have enjoyed Acorn2oak. Every Friday they looked forward to being there and with their faces lit up, would excitedly bring their creations home after each session accompanied by chit chat about what they had learnt that day or what Yemii did or said.  In Africa we say it takes a whole village to bring up a child. I am grateful that I have had Acorn2Oak to help me bring up mine. From fun to creativity to life skills and lessons, Yemii has been very supportive. Victoria will always cherish the Jack Petchey Foundation Award - now that was a highlight ...... Huge thanks Yemii and I hope the club continues.



I just wanted to say thank you to you and Carol for all the work you do with the Acorn 2 Oak Club and to give you some feedback.

I have to say my 2 children (aged 4 and 6) absolutely love going to the art classes at Rainbow Centre in Dollis Valley.  My 6-year old son has been going for 2 years now and always has a great time.  The activities are always so original and so varied - the kids never tire of going there.  Yemii and Carol are both so creative and artistic and are so good at helping the children achieve their own individual potentials.  They are always so patient with the children, they always have smiles on their faces and they make the children feel totally comfortable and at ease and able to express their ideas in whatever way they see fit.  Not only have my children learnt a great deal, but I have also learnt  too - not only lots of new creative skills by watching them! -  but also the ability to give the children the freedom they need to express themselves through art, and not restricting them to the confines of what we may consider to be "good art".  Thank you Yemii and Carol for all your hard work with Acorn 2 Oak.  Long may it continue!

Thanks again!


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