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What is Art & Write?

Art & Write is a creative art and writing workshop of Acorn 2 Oak, which encourages children of all ages to enjoy drawing and writing as a creative pastime by getting them to share their work and encourage each other. It is non academic - just fun.

If you want to be a member of "Art & Write" get your paper and pencils, pen, paint brush... ready. If you like drawing, writing and reading, you will love this club! You don't have to be fantastic at drawing or writing, as long as you have an interest you are welcome.

Background -
Art & Write inspired by Ayo Igor who drew the club logo at the top of the page. It was Ayo’s love of drawing that inspired the formation of the club.

Ayo has always loved to draw, and in the year 2005 when he was 12 years old he wrote a comic book titled ‘No more Procrastination JUST DO IT ’which was published in 2006. He wrote another comic book in 2006 titled ‘HONEST always the best policy’. He plans to write a whole series of comic books with motivational messages for children just like himself.

The club was started to encourage other children to explore, enjoy and share their creative talents, this could be drawing, creative writing, poetry etc.

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About Art & Write

Art & Write is open to everyone between the ages of 5 and 16. It is divided into 3 groups, Junior 5-8, Intermediate 9-12 and Senior 13-16.

The club was launched with a pizza and coke party on Saturday 4th of August 2007 at The Porter Cabin, Oakleigh Community Church 168-170 Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone, London N20 0UG. This was where regular work-shops took place every Saturday until March 2008.

This was made possible through financial support from a charity organisation named UnLtd and volunteer help and support from parents and supporters of A2O. There was a token fee of only £1.00 for issue of identity cards and administrative cost for those who came to the Saturday workshops.

Every quarter a selection of works was published in the club’s newsletter magazine ‘NExT Level’. Each time club member's contribution makes it into the magazine they got ‘Points’. The members with the most ‘Points’ at the end of the year got a chance to win the "Member of the Year Award."

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Contact Us

Address:  Acorn2oaK, The Rainbow Centre, Dollis Valley Drive, Barnet, EN5 2UN

E:mail :

Phone:     020 8144 2493 

Mobile:    075 4382 0892

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